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Thrive On!

Paul's Posse

Paul's 2015 Thank You

Mission FULLY accomplished!  I have good news. And great news.

The good news is that with Gretchen by my side, I completed my 18th 192-mile Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). It was beyond exhilarating to cross the finish line again. it was an epic journey.

Now, the great news.  With your support, Paul's Posse has raised more than $70,000 (still very early) this year, raising the Posse's historical total to more than $1.9 million. Unbelievable! As a reminder, 100% of the money goes to Dr. George Demetri, my friend and fellow Posse Member, who specializes in orphan cancers like mine. In addition to George riding, we were joined by his daughter, Leah (who just got into Harvard Med), and fellow Dana-Farber physician Andy Wagner.

Thank you again for your prior support -- and generosity -- for an event that means more and more to me every year. The thrill of getting on the bike was matched only by my gratitude.

Thrive On,