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Thrive On!

Paul's Posse

Paul's 2016 PMC Letter​

Already it's June 1st, and another year has passed.  I'm pleased to report that I am still on the bike and again leading the charge at the head of Paul's Posse in the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) to defeat cancer.

In 8 weeks I will pedal forward for what will be my 19th PMC.  It continues to be a privilege to contribute and inspire others to embrace this life saving cause.  I consider Paul's Posse to be some of the most important work of my life.  It supports vital cures and works for you, for me, for our children and for others battling cancer today and tomorrow.  With your generosity, Paul's Posse has raised over $2 million to fight orphan cancers like mine.  Fellow Posse member and friend Doctor George Dimitri's research team at Dana-Farber receives 100% of the fully tax-deductible contributions enabled through Paul's Posse.

While I will continue to ride as hard as I can, I am always reminded that whether I succeed or not, this important work must go forward.  Together, we are chipping away and defeating a killer that affects us all.

In addition to your financial support, I'd like to ask one more favor. Please solicit a donation from just one other friend, co-worker, or family member. Just think of how much more we can accomplish in our effort to rid our lives of this horrible disease if we broaden our network of giving.

Your tax-deductible check can be made payable to PMC/Jimmy Fund and you can mail it to me. Alternatively, you can use your credit card to make a donation on line http://www2.pmc.org/profile/PS0036.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to call me at (212) 687-3123 or e-mail pschaye@chestnuthillpartners.com

Thrive on,